Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Kicking the piles of Ego...

This year I was blessed to find a yoga teacher right next to my house! Not easy in this countryside area.... Not easy at all!!!
She was the answer to my request and I'm so grateful!
The yoga class does good to my body and spirit! When we finish the session I'm a whole new ME, ready to climb any mountain! Rejuvenated, centred and empowered :) Such a bliss!!! :)

Then, why do I have this quirky voice in my head EVERY SINGLE Wednesday morning (yes, you guessed well, the class is every Wednesday afternoon), giving me hundreds of reasons why I would skip the class ... just for once??? 

I call this voice my Ego, that LOVES to see me crawl imprisoned to my limits, fears, old patterns and hates it when I tell it to shut up and just do my thing, anyway! 

It's a part of me that I learn to love, first because it's part of me, and second because it serves as an indicator to what is good for me... The more the resistance, the best it is!!!
So, listen to your ego, send it love, and follow your path, anyway!
You'll be amazed on how many things it can teach you if you become aware, and how many tricks it can use to block you!

Can you name some of them right now?
 Have an awesome day! 

P.S. Awareness and learning to love my Ego were made possible due to the endless "kicks" by my soul friend Sylvia!!! Thank YOU!

Monday, 3 September 2012

I'm back ..... or rather, forth?

So nice to find you again!
Where have you been? Where have I been? Where do we meet again? Are we back or have we gone forth and we've found each other again?

No matter how hard you try, or how still you remain, how your steps bring you closer to what you think is a setback, is it ever possible to go back to a state that you used to be in or as it used to be like?

I hadn't had any meat (something that I felt I wanted to do for many years, but it seemed impossible, yet it happened very easily) since last April and I started to eat meat again in August... My girls asked me if "I had quit trying" . I explained that for me it was never about trying.... I was just following what my body (not only) was asking for. I was doing the same now when I felt I wanted to have meat again. Is this considered to be a setback?
I also haven't meditated for quite a long time in the typical way, you know, sitting with my legs crossed (or almost like this, because it's not MY way of sitting) and my eyes closed and listening to one of my favourite guided meditations. There have been months that I used to do that daily! Right now I feel I'm following some other kind of meditation, one I cannot put my finger on, yet, but feels more ... "earthy". Is this a setback, too?

Every summer, either due to the kids' summer holidays, or due to the warm weather, or due to a general ease, I adjust to a "no-program" that we adopt as a family... The hours I'm alone are much less, since the kids are not away for school, I spend a lot more hours with family and friends, here, at the beach or for a walk and I have no program in general, or perhaps I cannot follow one, for practical reasons and finally, because I choose to do so.
Every summer, the hours I spend on-line are minimised or even reach zero (you must have seen that...). I realise that this is a need of mine to live more in here and now, inside my body and less... on-line. I do not say this is good or bad, it's just something that suits me and I follow it.
Every summer I fear the heat! Just thinking about high temperatures I ... freeze! It's not just my idea, since my really low blood pressure does not help much in this case, but the last few years I felt I was fighting against the heat and that this even made me aggressive.... Perhaps you can imagine that this year, with all those heat waves we had here in Greece and with the temperatures almost stuck in red I was almost half dead ... half dead but fighting!
The first days have been exactly like that! But at some point, which I cannot tell exactly when that was, it was like I gave up. The fight was uneven and when I realised I was actually wishing I could lose three months from my life and skip into fall in a magical way, my sadness was such that it made me decide to go with the flow... Being careful of what I wish for, I wouldn't like to lose three months!
I slowed down even more, but now I consciously decided -or allowed- to do nothing more than the absolutely necessary when it was too hot. I stopped being mindful of how much I was suffering! Or I allowed myself to sweat and suffer. I'm so proud to tell you that every time a heat wave was over I realised with big surprise that I had made it! Not that I was looking forward for the next one, but it wouldn't ask me, anyway! I was one hundred percent inside my body and not in my mind, trying to cast a spell against it or to avoid what felt bad, which was not in my power to do so, anyway...

Can a seed fight against a clot of earth that for the moment looks unbeatable? I guess not, but instead this clot will define the seed's root, will bend it and make its life difficult, it might even separate the seed from all the rest.
But when the small seed becomes a tree, the same clot will not matter anymore.

Having decided to follow the Way of a Peaceful Warrior, I first had to find peace inside myself! Like a silent acceptance of what is! Acceptance, not resignation.
I accepted all that had to be done (preparations and things to be done, everyday or not, planed or not, easy or not) and I just started doing them. Without spending my energy on thoughts and scenarios for avoiding them, I just did one after the other the things I had put with fear on my to-do list and one by one I deleted them. My satisfaction was such that almost outgrew my exhaustion! And when my exhaustion was gone, my satisfaction was still there, giving me even more strength and joy!
The Peaceful warrior inside had won! And this cannot be considered as a setback.

So, I'm very happy to see you again, at a point forth in time and space, inside and outside ourselves!
We'll keep in touch.....

Monday, 18 June 2012

Magic recipe ...

In this series of posts you may find recipes (cooking, beauty, household maintenance, etc.) but also tips, or ideas that have something special, something that makes them ... magical 
✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ ✾ 
Today's first post is about an idea that can be easily and quickly implemented during our everyday shower, can rejuvenate us, and detoxify us on all levels.
After we have finished showering and while water still runs on our head, we visualize a waterfall of white light coming down to the top of our head, entering through and into our body, cleansing every organ and system, also covering us externally, discarding anything negative and we repeat out loud or in our head "White light cleanses, detoxifies and rejuvenates me on all levels, washing away anything heavy, unnecessary or ill, strengthens, and protects me for my highest good!" White light is discarded through our feet being silver now, taking with it anything that does not serve us anymore. It's very helpful to feel our feet firm on the ground throughout the whole process. We may repeat this affirmation and/or visualization as many times as we feel that we need to, through the day.

This easy and quick practice is ideal to begin our day, or end it, with, in order to help us remove all negative energy and ground some positive. Moreover, the combination with the water actually falling on us, helps us do the visualization more easily, especially if we haven't done a lot of practice.
I'm waiting for your experiences!

Note: The whole process should not last long, in order to avoid dizziness or instability. If you feel it's safer keep your eyes open or sit! After completing the process drink lots of water! It helps grounding the positive energy.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

My life with Reiki... part 1

I had no idea what Reiki was all about, back then, in summer of 2008, except from, perhaps, three things! One was that years ago, when my  father had fallen off a motorbike and had hurt his knee, this woman from Bulgaria that was taking care of my grandmother had placed her hands over his whole body, doing something like a scan (which was exactly that, as I found out later) to him and told him that his knee was fine (it really was, after this) and that, he had also gone through a serious surgery in his chest, but it was fine, too. It was true! I asked her to do the same with me, and I remember I felt something like a cool breeze in a hot summer day. I knew nothing more than that I was amazed by the ability of this woman!
Then, years later, a friend of mine had cut her knee really bad! She went for stitches, but days later the knee would still hurt and liquids would come out of the wound. She told us that there was a young woman in a group of friends that had asked her to give Reiki to her wound in order to help it heal. She did, and the wound was much better right after that and healed very fast!
The third thing I knew was that I wanted to learn more about it one day...

So, as I was walking in a press shop, in a hot summer day of July 2008, looking for a cross-word magazine to buy for my kids, right there, in front of my eyes  was a magazine called "Reiki time". I looked and said to myself "I will find out more about this when the time comes". I kept searching for something else, and I came across the same magazine again. I looked at it and for a strange reason I knew that time had come!

I took the magazine home and couldn't wait for siesta time that I could find some time to run through its pages.... The next thing I knew was that I wanted to "learn" Reiki right away! I used the word "learn", because I didn't know yet that Reiki could not be taught, in the way you learn history, or a foreign language. I couldn't learn it from books and this was a huge disappointment for me... Nevertheless, I run to the closest bookstore and ordered a couple of books that were mentioned in the magazine. I had to find out more about it!!! 
And then .... I had to find a teacher! 

Ugh! How would I find a teacher? How much should I pay? How long should I wait? (I haven't mentioned that we were on summer holidays, away from home, so it would be even harder to find one there....) How would I know he/she would be a good teacher? What would the teaching involve, if it was all about experiencing things as the magazine and books said?

What I knew so far from what I had read (although it took time for me to really own this knowledge) was that Reiki was an alternative holistic energy method that used the Universal energy through the practitioner's hands in order to bring relaxation, remove the stress, unblock in all levels, cleanse the systems, open and balance the chakras (energy centers), the meridians (energy channels), cleanse the aura, rejuvenate and promote health, wholeness and peace on all levels, for himself/herself (in a self-healing session) or for othe I also knew that Reiki-the Universal energy-would open the person through the attunements/initiations/empowerments, like a flower, connecting the limited personal energy with the unlimited source of energy. Actually, mankind, used to have the power to heal themselves through touch, and this was still written in our bodies' memory, when we instinctively touched or pressed over a hurt body part, or when we tried to calm down a crying baby... The initiation would only open or clear the channels that already existed, and this was very appealing to me for some reason! I always found it easy to accept terms and notions like energy, etc, but it was still quite vague for me and couldn't really put my finger on it....

However, finding the right teacher and taking the next step to have the first attunement, still remained a challenge for me... I only knew what books wrote but what they said was that there were no words to describe how it felt!

 ✾  ✾  ✾  ✾  ✾  ✾ 

...... to be continued ................. (not necessarily in next post  ☺)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lesson Nr 1 ❣ " Do not judge others ... "

It's been two days that I have started my page on Facebook that is linked to this site/blog.

I was very hesitant to send out the first invitations to my friends and acquaintances in order for them to visit and "like" if they really did.
I sent them out in waves... first to my closest and most enthousiastic supporters who already knew I was up to something ... and then to the next and the next and the cycle of invitations was spreading like the waves formed by a pebble thrown in the sea.*
There were times that I would send out only one invitation, going up and down through my list to find out who could be more interested in what I was saying and doing in this page. This process was repeated for several times and I must admit that there are still some that remain unsent. I promise to myself to send them as soon as I finish this post.

I also admit that I passed by some of my acquaintances thinking
"Nah, he/she wouldn't be interested in such things!!!  They make fun of them!"

So, this morning, before I went out for my morning meditation during which I charge the Box of Love with the positive energy of Reiki, I came to check if I had any new incoming requests to be included in the Box of Love.

I was greatly surprised to find a message from one of my acquaintances to whom I hadn't sent an invitation yet -but had found the way!- writing some beautiful words of Thank you for what I am doing and adding a request.

I froze! The little bell "Who are you to judge who needs/is interested in something!" woke me up for good!
However, it was in my heart that it sounded the louder. It made it open wider and was filled with love and gratitude. I let go of the fear. Because it was fear that made me try to figure out who could be interested in what I have to offer. Fear of being criticized. Of them making comments about it. Fear of misjudging me. Fear of making fun of me.

I was trying to judge others in order not to be judged. What a waste of time! What a waste of valuable energy!
I see I was mistaken and I am sorry. I ask that it is transformed with the power of love.
And for those of you that are willing, come on in, we are open, waiting for you ❣ 

P.S. These lessons are mainly ones I experience myself. They're like a monologue in order for me to assimilate and you come to witness the process.
You may keep what feels useful, meaningful and true. With love ❣ 

*Can anyone tell exactly where is that point where the falling pebble stops sending its waves?