Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lesson Nr 1 ❣ " Do not judge others ... "

It's been two days that I have started my page on Facebook that is linked to this site/blog.

I was very hesitant to send out the first invitations to my friends and acquaintances in order for them to visit and "like" if they really did.
I sent them out in waves... first to my closest and most enthousiastic supporters who already knew I was up to something ... and then to the next and the next and the cycle of invitations was spreading like the waves formed by a pebble thrown in the sea.*
There were times that I would send out only one invitation, going up and down through my list to find out who could be more interested in what I was saying and doing in this page. This process was repeated for several times and I must admit that there are still some that remain unsent. I promise to myself to send them as soon as I finish this post.

I also admit that I passed by some of my acquaintances thinking
"Nah, he/she wouldn't be interested in such things!!!  They make fun of them!"

So, this morning, before I went out for my morning meditation during which I charge the Box of Love with the positive energy of Reiki, I came to check if I had any new incoming requests to be included in the Box of Love.

I was greatly surprised to find a message from one of my acquaintances to whom I hadn't sent an invitation yet -but had found the way!- writing some beautiful words of Thank you for what I am doing and adding a request.

I froze! The little bell "Who are you to judge who needs/is interested in something!" woke me up for good!
However, it was in my heart that it sounded the louder. It made it open wider and was filled with love and gratitude. I let go of the fear. Because it was fear that made me try to figure out who could be interested in what I have to offer. Fear of being criticized. Of them making comments about it. Fear of misjudging me. Fear of making fun of me.

I was trying to judge others in order not to be judged. What a waste of time! What a waste of valuable energy!
I see I was mistaken and I am sorry. I ask that it is transformed with the power of love.
And for those of you that are willing, come on in, we are open, waiting for you ❣ 

P.S. These lessons are mainly ones I experience myself. They're like a monologue in order for me to assimilate and you come to witness the process.
You may keep what feels useful, meaningful and true. With love ❣ 

*Can anyone tell exactly where is that point where the falling pebble stops sending its waves?