Monday, 18 June 2012

Magic recipe ...

In this series of posts you may find recipes (cooking, beauty, household maintenance, etc.) but also tips, or ideas that have something special, something that makes them ... magical 
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Today's first post is about an idea that can be easily and quickly implemented during our everyday shower, can rejuvenate us, and detoxify us on all levels.
After we have finished showering and while water still runs on our head, we visualize a waterfall of white light coming down to the top of our head, entering through and into our body, cleansing every organ and system, also covering us externally, discarding anything negative and we repeat out loud or in our head "White light cleanses, detoxifies and rejuvenates me on all levels, washing away anything heavy, unnecessary or ill, strengthens, and protects me for my highest good!" White light is discarded through our feet being silver now, taking with it anything that does not serve us anymore. It's very helpful to feel our feet firm on the ground throughout the whole process. We may repeat this affirmation and/or visualization as many times as we feel that we need to, through the day.

This easy and quick practice is ideal to begin our day, or end it, with, in order to help us remove all negative energy and ground some positive. Moreover, the combination with the water actually falling on us, helps us do the visualization more easily, especially if we haven't done a lot of practice.
I'm waiting for your experiences!

Note: The whole process should not last long, in order to avoid dizziness or instability. If you feel it's safer keep your eyes open or sit! After completing the process drink lots of water! It helps grounding the positive energy.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

My life with Reiki... part 1

I had no idea what Reiki was all about, back then, in summer of 2008, except from, perhaps, three things! One was that years ago, when my  father had fallen off a motorbike and had hurt his knee, this woman from Bulgaria that was taking care of my grandmother had placed her hands over his whole body, doing something like a scan (which was exactly that, as I found out later) to him and told him that his knee was fine (it really was, after this) and that, he had also gone through a serious surgery in his chest, but it was fine, too. It was true! I asked her to do the same with me, and I remember I felt something like a cool breeze in a hot summer day. I knew nothing more than that I was amazed by the ability of this woman!
Then, years later, a friend of mine had cut her knee really bad! She went for stitches, but days later the knee would still hurt and liquids would come out of the wound. She told us that there was a young woman in a group of friends that had asked her to give Reiki to her wound in order to help it heal. She did, and the wound was much better right after that and healed very fast!
The third thing I knew was that I wanted to learn more about it one day...

So, as I was walking in a press shop, in a hot summer day of July 2008, looking for a cross-word magazine to buy for my kids, right there, in front of my eyes  was a magazine called "Reiki time". I looked and said to myself "I will find out more about this when the time comes". I kept searching for something else, and I came across the same magazine again. I looked at it and for a strange reason I knew that time had come!

I took the magazine home and couldn't wait for siesta time that I could find some time to run through its pages.... The next thing I knew was that I wanted to "learn" Reiki right away! I used the word "learn", because I didn't know yet that Reiki could not be taught, in the way you learn history, or a foreign language. I couldn't learn it from books and this was a huge disappointment for me... Nevertheless, I run to the closest bookstore and ordered a couple of books that were mentioned in the magazine. I had to find out more about it!!! 
And then .... I had to find a teacher! 

Ugh! How would I find a teacher? How much should I pay? How long should I wait? (I haven't mentioned that we were on summer holidays, away from home, so it would be even harder to find one there....) How would I know he/she would be a good teacher? What would the teaching involve, if it was all about experiencing things as the magazine and books said?

What I knew so far from what I had read (although it took time for me to really own this knowledge) was that Reiki was an alternative holistic energy method that used the Universal energy through the practitioner's hands in order to bring relaxation, remove the stress, unblock in all levels, cleanse the systems, open and balance the chakras (energy centers), the meridians (energy channels), cleanse the aura, rejuvenate and promote health, wholeness and peace on all levels, for himself/herself (in a self-healing session) or for othe I also knew that Reiki-the Universal energy-would open the person through the attunements/initiations/empowerments, like a flower, connecting the limited personal energy with the unlimited source of energy. Actually, mankind, used to have the power to heal themselves through touch, and this was still written in our bodies' memory, when we instinctively touched or pressed over a hurt body part, or when we tried to calm down a crying baby... The initiation would only open or clear the channels that already existed, and this was very appealing to me for some reason! I always found it easy to accept terms and notions like energy, etc, but it was still quite vague for me and couldn't really put my finger on it....

However, finding the right teacher and taking the next step to have the first attunement, still remained a challenge for me... I only knew what books wrote but what they said was that there were no words to describe how it felt!

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...... to be continued ................. (not necessarily in next post  ☺)