Monday, 18 June 2012

Magic recipe ...

In this series of posts you may find recipes (cooking, beauty, household maintenance, etc.) but also tips, or ideas that have something special, something that makes them ... magical 
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Today's first post is about an idea that can be easily and quickly implemented during our everyday shower, can rejuvenate us, and detoxify us on all levels.
After we have finished showering and while water still runs on our head, we visualize a waterfall of white light coming down to the top of our head, entering through and into our body, cleansing every organ and system, also covering us externally, discarding anything negative and we repeat out loud or in our head "White light cleanses, detoxifies and rejuvenates me on all levels, washing away anything heavy, unnecessary or ill, strengthens, and protects me for my highest good!" White light is discarded through our feet being silver now, taking with it anything that does not serve us anymore. It's very helpful to feel our feet firm on the ground throughout the whole process. We may repeat this affirmation and/or visualization as many times as we feel that we need to, through the day.

This easy and quick practice is ideal to begin our day, or end it, with, in order to help us remove all negative energy and ground some positive. Moreover, the combination with the water actually falling on us, helps us do the visualization more easily, especially if we haven't done a lot of practice.
I'm waiting for your experiences!

Note: The whole process should not last long, in order to avoid dizziness or instability. If you feel it's safer keep your eyes open or sit! After completing the process drink lots of water! It helps grounding the positive energy.

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