Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Kicking the piles of Ego...

This year I was blessed to find a yoga teacher right next to my house! Not easy in this countryside area.... Not easy at all!!!
She was the answer to my request and I'm so grateful!
The yoga class does good to my body and spirit! When we finish the session I'm a whole new ME, ready to climb any mountain! Rejuvenated, centred and empowered :) Such a bliss!!! :)

Then, why do I have this quirky voice in my head EVERY SINGLE Wednesday morning (yes, you guessed well, the class is every Wednesday afternoon), giving me hundreds of reasons why I would skip the class ... just for once??? 

I call this voice my Ego, that LOVES to see me crawl imprisoned to my limits, fears, old patterns and hates it when I tell it to shut up and just do my thing, anyway! 

It's a part of me that I learn to love, first because it's part of me, and second because it serves as an indicator to what is good for me... The more the resistance, the best it is!!!
So, listen to your ego, send it love, and follow your path, anyway!
You'll be amazed on how many things it can teach you if you become aware, and how many tricks it can use to block you!

Can you name some of them right now?
 Have an awesome day! 

P.S. Awareness and learning to love my Ego were made possible due to the endless "kicks" by my soul friend Sylvia!!! Thank YOU!


  1. Wonderful you can go to yoga right next door!

    My ego can play tons of tricks on me, but I try to send it love too.. and watch it dissipate :)

    1. Yes, Kim, I know!!! I can even walk there, and it's only 2' with the car if I need to drive there...

      Sometimes my ego does not stop... so I just go on with what I'm about to do anyway... not easy, but it works!