Saturday, 12 December 2015

Space Energy Cleansing

Today I did a space energy cleansing for my house, a much needed (and perhaps a bit belated, too) process, since the energy had started to feel slightly "heavy". This is something I enjoy doing in a meditative way and apart from my space it helps me, also, being focused and uplifted, positive and joyful.
There are many ways to do a space energy cleansing, but I'll keep it short and simple and explain you how I like to do it, most of the times.
To take things from the beginning, before anything else, you need to clean, declutter and tidy your space physically! Dirt and clutter keep the energy stagnant and block its free flow. Then, it is equally important that your space is bathed in ample sunlight and fresh air. So, open the windows and let fresh air and light come in! And remember to do that daily.
Now, it's time to move on to the energy cleansing itself.

  1. I take a clear glass bowl, or a drinking glass, fill it with water up to 3/4 and add 2-3 teaspoonfuls of coarse sea salt (the less processed the better). Salt has the ability to absorb and dissolve any form of negativity. I place the bowl in the middle of the room. I, then, light a white tealight candle and gently place it on the surface of the saltwater to float. I dedicate this candle to the space energy cleansing that will follow. I do the same for every room we tend to spend more time in, like the bedrooms, sitting-room and kitchen. 
  2. I put on the CD of Space Energy Cleansing by Dionysia Klarinetatzi. Alternatively, you can use sounds from singing bowls, gongs, bells, or even sounds of nature (like running river water), classical music, mantras, chanting, etc. The raising vibrations of these sounds have a positive and purifying effect on the space energy.
  3. I light a charcoal tablet, place it on the burner and add some pure frankincense resin on top of it. I walk around the room, slowly, with the burner in my hands, waving the smoke, especially into corners, or where the energy feels particularly "heavy". I keep the intention of the energy cleansing of my space in my mind. I might repeat an affirmation, out loud, or in my mind, while I'm doing this, like "Perfect and utmost positivity in my space, for the highest good of everyone who lives, moves and breathes in it. Positivity in, negativity out!"
  4. I like to shield my space in light and love, using the Reiki symbols, on the four walls, ceiling and floor of the room. If you are not attuned to the Reiki energy, simply use your intention for perfect energy cleansing. Remember, intention is extremely powerful!
  5. I leave the candles and frankincense to burn out (never unattended!). I leave the bowl with the saltwater for 24 hours in the rooms. Then I empty the saltwater under running water in the sink.
Do you feel the difference? I do!!! And it's not just in my mind, although this is good enough some times, but people who visit our home after and energy cleansing, can feel it, too. 
You can repeat this process as often as you feel it's necessary; there's no right or wrong. You can follow all of the above or some of the methods mentioned here and combine them with your own. 
So, have a happy space energy cleansing, for smiling, joyful, lightened, positive spaces.
With Love,
 Under a sacred Tree 

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